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Radon Testing

Radon testing is one of the most important steps you can take to protect the health of your family as it relates to your home. According to the Oregon Health Authority many areas in NW Oregon are of great concern for elevated Radon exposure. Radon mitigation can be relatively easy, however the only way to know if it is necessary is to have it tested.

VIP Home Inspections offers radon testing based on the EPA’s guidelines for real estate transactions. We use continuous electronic radon monitors which provide detailed results immediately following the minimum testing period. Tests run between 2 to 7 days under “closed home conditions” (meaning normal entry and exit, without leaving windows and doors open and without operating appliances which bring in outside air). The EPA requires a minimum of 2 days of sampling time for real estate transactions. And, as with our other inspection services we do not offer Radon mitigation which ensures you are receiving an unbiased test and report.

We are pleased to offer Radon testing as an add on service or as a stand alone inspection.

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Sewer Scope Inspections

Obtaining a sewer scope inspection by VIP Home Inspections is a decision that could save you from costly repairs if otherwise left undiscovered. Sewer lines deteriorate over time, so it’s best to know if your new home has issue with its sewer line before the end of your contingency period. Repairing a sewer line can be costly which is why it’s critical to get a sewer line evaluation. If problems are discovered, you can negotiate with the seller for repair/replacement costs.

VIP Home Inspections is qualified to give you an unbiased inspection of your sewer line.  We do not offer repairs of any kind nor will we refer you to any “preferred contractors.”  We will simply advise you to use your favorite search engine to find qualified contractors.  Our main focus is to help you make the best decisions possible for what may be your biggest financial investment.

Infrared Imaging (Included with every Home Inspection)

Our infrared cameras can catch defects and potential problem areas that might be invisible to the naked eye: faulty wiring, leaks, missing insulation, undetected infestations — just to name a few. As this is a standard feature of a VIP home inspection you can be assured your property is getting an inspection that is above-and-beyond the norm.

Mold/Air Quality Testing

If you or your family are mold sensitive, or if mold is of particular concern, the inspectors at VIP Home Inspections are extensively qualified to test the conditions inside your future home for elevated levels of mold spores through air quality testing. Additionally, if suspected surface microbial growth is located our inspectors can take a sample of that area. Using accredited labs, you will receive the results in a detailed report within 2-3 business days after testing. While our thorough inspectors are looking for signs of moisture intrusion and microbial growth at the surface, taking the additional step of ordering air quality sampling for your home inspection can help find hidden sources of mold before it impacts your family.

Click here to view the IAC2 Mold Inspection Standards of Practice:

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