How We Can Help You

Our home inspections enable you to fully understand the current condition of the property and assist in your real estate transactions by helping you:

  • Observe the current conditions and identify potential problems

  • Recognize causes of existing conditions

  • Inform the customer of the condition based on the age of the property

  • Gain confidence and peace of mind about your purchase

We make the inspection process informative, educational, easy and timely. We encourage our customers to join us for the inspection. VIP offers services for the following:

  • Single-family homes

  • Townhouses

  • Condominiums

  • Multi-unit structures and buildings

We not only inspect homes in their entirety for home buyers. We also offer individual system inspections. So whether it's plubming, electrical, exterior, or any other part of the home, we have you covered.

We operate within the entire xxxxxxxx area including (but not limited to):

  • xxxxxxxx

  • xxxxxxxx

  • xxxxxxxx

  • xxxxxxxx

  • xxxxxxxx

VIP doesn't just want to perform your home inspection, we want to be your inspector for life.

Inspection Services

Pre-listing inspection - This inspections is performed to help sellers gain peace of mind prior to listing their home. There's nothing worse than getting a contract to sell your house only to find out the inspector found some issues that need to be addressed. We will help you find these issues beforehand so there are no surprises as you go to sell your house.

Buyers inspection - The most important inspection that can be performed is the one done for the buyers. When spending a great amount of money on a home you want to make sure there are no underlying issues or other major work needed when moving into a home. Quintessential Home Inspections can help you find those issues and make sure you're aware of the status of the home prior to closing while also giving you negotiating power on your contract.

Home warranty inspection - More and more home buyers are getting warranties with their purchases. Let us help you give your house a checkup when the warranty is near to expiring so that any items covered under the warranty that may need addressing can be found and claimed.

Homeowner inspection - General home checkups are never a bad idea. Let us help you get an understanding of all the systems that make up your house and give you a status report on their current state and functions.

The above inspections include the following:
Roof, Exterior, Basement, Foundation, Crawlspace, Structure, Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Fireplace, Attic & Insulation, Doors, Windows, Interior, Decks, Gutters and downspouts, Garage, Outbuildings. 

Additional Inspection Services

System or component inspection - Only want to have your roof checked out? maybe you want to get into the attic and check the structure or insulation. Let Quintessential Home Inspections help you out and get those areas inspected